Living In Balance

If "busyness” has become your state of being, you are not alone. Our culture seems to attribute great value to being busy. But if it is so beneficial, why does it seem to leave you feeling so worn out? Too often people get sucked into the trap of overcommitment and just resign themselves to “it is what it is.” But what if that isn’t correct?

What would it feel like to have some margin in your life? How would your life be different if you had a way to balance the important and the necessary in a way that works for you? What if you could learn to harness the power of one simple word — No? If you are desperate for some more balance in your life, a coach can help.

Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching combines three beneficial activities into one powerful medium, entirely focused on helping you find the balance you are looking for

  • Investment — What if you actually set aside the time and space to think instead of just react? Time to clarify the important, not just deal with the urgent. If that sounds selfish, it isn’t. Consider how much more you could be when you aren’t stretched so thin.
  • Discovery —  There is no-one more suited to discovering the balance you need than you. How would life be different if you had clarity on when to say no. How empowering would it be to say yes from a place of strength and without reservation? I believe you can discover this place and this person, if you are willing
  • Partnership —  Proverbs records, and experience proves, that as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. A coach can guide you through the discovery process and help you turn that into forward movement toward where you want to be.

There is significant opportunity for personal growth when there is space to discover and experience it. Otherwise, the urgent overwhelms the important and life is lived on someone else’s terms. You can find the balance you are looking for.

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