Life On The Other Side

The sun is shining and the sky is a bright clear blue today. For a November day in central Ohio, it is a good weather day. As I gaze out the window of my home office, I’m reminded of how often I gazed out the window in my former office and wondered what life was like out there. I admit, on difficult and high stress days, I would watch with envy the grounds crew maintaining the landscaping around the office building. Greener grass syndrome perhaps …. There have been numerous times throughout my life where I faced the question of “what’s next?” After fifteen years of playing the game, I walked away from my baseball identity wondering "what will I do now?" Twenty-five years later, I faced the same question as I left corporate America — which had become my career identity — now what am I going to do? After these and other experiences, I can say with certainty there is life on the other side.

The Great Adventure

When you imagine a great adventure, what are the elements that you think of? Some of the words that come to my mind are fear, unknown, courage, excitement, risk, preparation, surprise. My Mac dictionary defines adventure as follows: “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” The key component of adventure is the doing. Of course, you can experience through others. This year, I climbed Mt. Everest through the eyes of Bear Grylls. But reading about and doing are not the same thing. A true adventure is one that is experienced firsthand. Your circumstance might be quite different than mine. I left my job voluntarily, and with some time to prepare. Maybe you weren’t so fortunate. Whether in your job or personal life, maybe change came upon you unexpected and unwelcome. Greg McKeown reminds us “We may not always have control over our options, [but] we always have control over how we choose among them.” I have chosen to lean into the opportunities before me and see life like an adventure.

Change Brings Opportunity

As you gaze out your “office” window, I wonder what you see. Are you envious of those on the outside? Do you see change coming your direction like a storm? Maybe you’re like Bilbo, from The Hobbit, with adventure at your front door inviting you to participate. There is always an element of danger on a good adventure. It’s what gives us pause, and it’s what makes it worth it. Today, as I gaze out my window, I am reminded again that change always brings opportunity, even if only the opportunity to choose how you respond. I want the ability and the opportunity to choose. I cannot control the circumstances, or even the outcomes, but I want to experience what is to come firsthand. I want the adventure.

There Is More To Life

If you have embraced the adventure that is life, then 'good on ya mate.' Enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you. And don't forget to stop now and then and marvel at where you've been. If you are standing in front of your window wondering — what’s out there, what’s next, wondering if … — I can tell you there is life on the other side. If you’re willing to embrace the adventure, you can experience it for yourself. And when you do, you can sing with me the lyrics "Life is short, I want to live it well." (Switchfoot, Live It Well)


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