• If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.

        --Greg McKeown

  • People lose their way when they lose their why.

        --Michael Hyatt

  • He is no fool who gives up what he
    cannot keep to gain what
    he cannot lose.

        --Jim Elliot

  • As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


  • You weren't made to fit in,
    you were made to stand out.

        --Jim Caveziel


Like Neo, in The Matrix, are you facing a choice? Take the risk and move forward into the unknown, or stay within the borders of familiar?

Life presents red pill moments all the time. The key is to notice and be willing to act. Those that do create a life that is alive, adventurous, fulfilling.

At Dare 2 Live Coaching, we work with people who want to live to their fullest potential — whether at home or at work. They are pursuing a life of courage, purpose, and direction to make their time on this earth count.

Living like this requires leadership that starts on the inside and focuses on the benefit of others. It acknowledges that the better you lead yourself, the better off everyone around you will be.

Is this the person you desire to be? Is this who you are becoming? Are you looking for help to get there? If so, keep scrolling and explore the various ways we can partner with you on your journey.


Purposeful and beneficial focus on your goals

> Help with your personal or professional red pill moments

A proven way to help you become who you were created to be



> Leadership training for you or your organization

> An inside out approach to leading yourself and others

> Move from frustrated to fulfilled

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> Life Satisfaction Assessment

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> Favorite books


At Dare 2 Live Coaching, we specialize in helping clients in these situations discover and pursue what they are looking for. Select the scenario that best describes where you are to see how you can benefit from coaching.

Good leadership starts on the inside. Regardless of the roles you play — manger, parent, board member, friend — leading yourself well benefits you and everyone around you. The CARE model starts at the heart of leading yourself — your mindset. Coupled with tools and strategies to compliment your mindset, this model is a comprehensive approach to help you be the leader you want to be. With versions designed for managers and individuals alike, and customizable delivery solutions, the CARE model is ideal for any organization or individual who understands the power of people leading from the inside out. Learn More

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  • Mark takes you through a journey of self discovery. His gentle prompts towards determining your own path and setting your own goals aligns your life towards actionable items. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to find a balance of just living life and finding peace with yourself.

    Reuben MTexas
  • I've been working with Mark since March 2017. No regrets. What I've experienced is a coach who listens to more than your words. He feels with you, dances with you, and if you want, prays with you. I always leave the session with something new, useful, and actionable. This relationship will go on a while.”

    John GFlorida
  • Over the last year, as I’ve made the transition from my 30 year corporate career to starting my own business, I’ve found Mark’s coaching to be quite invaluable. He brings together his great coaching instinct coupled with tons of relevant business / life experience to challenge me to gain new perspectives and go further.

    Todd OMichigan
  • I’ve known for a few years that some changes needed to happen in my life in order to see the outcomes God wanted for me. When I contacted Mark, I was already in process toward some of these changes but had gotten stuck. Mark did a great job facilitating the necessary internal dialogue needed for drawing out the conclusions and now I am a huge step closer to where I’m going.

    John G Ohio